Mall Grab to headline party night at Motion

by Daniel Brashaw, Feb 13, 2018

Following his 2017 EP release, Mall Grab will lead a night of excellent music at Motion.

Australian Jordan Alexander is hot property at the moment. Under the name Mall Grab, the 23-year-old has been making waves in the electronic music and clubbing scene.

Originally developing a love for music through his parent’s Rock ‘n’ Roll collection, and then going on to discover electro and dance music in his teens, the producer and DJ first unleashed himself upon the world with his debut 2015 EP Feel U. Following on from the record’s sell out success, and a slew of releases in the U.K, the Australian gained quite the following in Europe and he eventually moved to London in 2016.

His music wanders the spectrums of mood and style. His most recent release, 2017’s Pool Party Music, is his funnest to date, and has probably received the most mainstream success. The title track of the EP features instantly recognisable and infectiously danceable horn melodies, whilst the more laid back track number two ‘B.F.O.D.A.A.S.’ is perfectly suited for an outdoor, sun drenched party.

The name Mall Grab is an unusual one. It comes from a term used by skaters to take the mick out of posers who use a skateboard as a fashion accessory, by holding the board by the trucks. This humorous side of him can be seen in his music too with tracks like ‘I’ve Always Liked Grime’ taking the classic grime synths found on tracks like Skepta and JME’s That’s Not Me, and seamlessly integrating it into a bona fide house banger.

This Friday, as part of his current 18 date ‘Not Stop Feeling Tour’, Mall Grab returns to Motion for what is bound to be a great night. The night does not belong exclusively to Mall Grab, though, with plenty of great names further down the bill.

Willow, the Manchester-born now London based producer and DJ is second on the flyers. After the first song she ever produced, 2015’s ‘Feel Me’, blew up, things have only been going well for her. Now well established, and with performances at some of the world’s best clubs under her belt, she’s bound to kill it at Motion this Friday. Joining her in supporting Mall Grab are Damiano von Erckert, Deejay Astral, Fold, LK, and KGW.

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