Mutant-Thoughts / Chaos Lol / Flavolous / Otis Jordan

  • The Peer Hat, Manchester
  • 7:30PM - Thu 16th May
  • Rock, Techno, Hip Hop, Dub, Psych, Trap
  • from £3.00

Mutant-Thoughts, Chaos Lol, Flavolous and Otis Jordan all play Manchester.


Bristol's Mutant Thoughts blur the normal thoughts of a band, playing their synth laden psych-rock. Off the back of their release 'Is This Me' in 2018, they're gearing up for another strong year, having just recorded with Sylvia Massey, who has been invloved with legends such as Tool, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jonny Cash.


Experimental high-hype polyrhythmic footwork/techno/gabba tunes.
Are you raving? Dreaming? Dying? Performing?


What happens when wonky baile funk beats meet maximalist sound design, and get lost together in a labyrinthine maze spanning trap, dub, hip-hop, and more.

"The warped and twisted fairground-esque sounds Flavolous brings creates a kind of Lynchian nightmare in the buildups, but still rhythmically together enough to throw down in the middle of an abandoned warehouse" - LEFTLION

Otis Jordan

Experimental freak drone guitar music that wanders all over and probes the Sublime. Otis' brilliant new self-titled LP may be heard in full here:

Doors 7.30pm
£5 entry / £3 concession"

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