Shazia Mirza: A Work In Progress

  • Komedia Brighton, Brighton
  • 8:00PM - Tue 4th Jun
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  • from £9.00
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Shazia Mirza: A Work In Progress at The Komedia

What’s going on? Why does everyone hate each other, why does no one talk on the phone? And why are are there no women left with real eyebrows?

And why do all the right wing papers keep calling me up for answers every time there is a paedophile with the same colour skin as mine? Can we really educate people? Can we drag anyone forward against their will?

None of this really matters, what matters is:

People are scared of being alone. Why? Solitude can be a burden and you try to escape from it. How can you end it? How can you get rid of it? Sometimes you can’t get rid of it. Then one day you just accept it. You accept that you are just a being who doesn’t like talking or being with other people, but once a week on your terms you want to talk to someone about death and Brexit.

Following the success of her critically acclaimed recent shows; With Love From St. Tropez, a riot of brexit, buquas and butt-plugs through the lens of The Periodic Table, and The Kardashians Made Me Do It, a searing and urgent exploration of life, love and Jihadi brides, Shazia is taking on the burning issues of our time in her latest show for 2019.

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