Funhaus #1: Us & It, currentmoodgirl, Bunny Hoova (DJ set)+ more

  • The Peer Hat, Manchester
  • 8:00PM - Thu 13th Jun
  • Indie, Pop, Electronica
  • from £5.00

The Peer Hat welcomes...

Us & It

Hyper-active experimental, weirdly bouncy, electronic beats for emotional ravers with ADHD.


Powerfully dark and delicate electronic pop from one half of Pearl City, kind of like you and your orphaned Panda have to slowly make it over the asteroid belt.

Bunny Hoova (DJ Set)

V.I.P. beats set from your local nocturnal downtempo lurkers.

Algernon Cornelius

Full rap set from Trafford's own pound-shop Madlib.

There will be DJs from midnight-ish to 3am.
All profits (after venue hire and paying the bands) goes to the FUNHAUS--a new DIY space for Manchester.

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