• Night & Day Cafe, Manchester
  • 8:00PM - Tue 23rd Jul
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Shonen Knife’s front girl Naoko was inspired to form the band by Beatles, Ramones, Buzzcocks etc in Osaka on December 30, 1981.

The origin of the band name is an old brand name of a pencil sharpener knife.

Their first album “Burning Farm” released on Zero records, Japan in 1983 was released on legendary American label “K” Records in 1985.

Their one and only unique sound got popular in North America, U.K. and Europe.

And their first major album “Let’s Knife” was released in Japan, U.S. and U.K. in 1992.

Shonen Knife keeps on releasing their rockin’ albums and touring and rockin’ constantly worldwide!

“We saw Shonen Knife and they were so cool. I turned into a nine-year old girl at a Beatles concert. I was crying and jumping up and down and tearing my hair out – it was amazing. I’ve never been so thrilled in my whole life. They play pop music – pop, pop, pop music.” Kurt Cobain

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