Spiceh Fest presents: Kingpin + more

  • The Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
  • 5:00PM - Thu 15th Aug
  • Metal
  • from £6.00
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Kingpin will be hitting up The Mulberry Bar and Venue this August with their bone crushing riffs that will make you slap your grandmother silly.

Joining them will be:

Inhuman Nature - hard-hitting hardcore/crossover band that will assure that somebody leaves with a bloody nose.

Grief Ritual - blackened hardcore hailing from the south west

Grave UK - one of Sheffield's finest hardcore bands.

Old Wharf - everyone's favorite wolverhampton beatdown newcomers.

Greed - riffs and spinkicks for days from Leeds.

Malign UK - beatdown/hardcore/grime from all over the UK.

Ligature - the pits will be like when mom found poop sock

Knifelife - debut show , not to be missed. might play some cheeky beatdowns.

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