• Metros, Cardiff
  • 11:00PM - Wed 11th Sep
  • Alt Rock, Indie, Pop, Chart
  • from £0.00

Hywel playing the best from 20th Century Pop Culture & 21st Century Alternative!

A celebration of music, every night is unique due to your musical requests. The music covers a lifetime and more of every shade of the musical rainbow.

We can go from Outta Space to a Supermassive Black Hole leading to A Day to Remember with a Panic at The Disco.

We Don't Look Back in Anger we think Ain't it Fun as we Get Up Offa That Thing while singing about a Fat Lip.

Along with more musical references than we care to mention we raid our extensive video library to show some of the best (and worst) films based around popular culture.

£2.20 Doubles* free mixer or +30p for energy / juice
£1.20 Singles* free mixer or +30p for energy / juice
£2.50 VK (Bottle)
£1 Margarita tube
£6 Cocktail Buckets
£6 Mega Pints

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