Breakfast #3 Launch Party All-Dayer

  • The Louisiana, Bristol
  • 1:00PM - Sat 21st Apr
  • Alt Rock
  • from £6.50
  • Live Music
  • Breakfast Records
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Join us, dear friends, as we celebrate the final landmark in the holy trinity of Breakfast.

Our biggest and most ridiculous release yet, Breakfast #3 brings together more than 40 artists from Bristol and beyond, and is sure to keep a place in both your hearts and your CD players for decades to come. 
To mark the occasion, which coincidentally coincides with our second birthday, we’re throwing a party, and have invited 10 of the compilation’s contributors to come and help us celebrate with a good ol’ fashioned all-dayer. The 21st of April in the year 2018. Come forth.

The Gnarwhals




Dama Scout

wych elm

It's Chez Ali (Sweden)

Little Baby Sharks

Karl Band


Early Bird Tickets £6 or £13 with a compilation CD
General Release £8 or £15 with a compilation CD

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