From Berlin with Love

  • The Love Inn, Bristol
  • 10:00PM - Thu 1st Mar
  • Techno, House
  • -

"Thank you to everyone who came and supported us last year, we can look back with pride to 2017 where we booked artists like Diego Krause, Saytek Live, Markus Homm, Ron Wilson etc. We hosted the very first House stage in the 19-year history of Nozstock and not to mention parties in Southampton with Cultura Records and Deeplomatic Records in Madrid."

After some much needed Christmas R&R we enter 2018 fresher and more determined than ever to show Bristol how to throw seriously good House and Techno parties, inspired by the mecca of electronic music, Berlin. We have some serious selectors in our crew and they will be on display at our first party of the year at the magnificent The Love Inn. The line-up will be announced shortly….

We are hoping to see both fresh and familiar heads in 2018, so step away from the fakery and come join the Berlin revolution happening right here in Bristol.

Love FBWL x

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