Liquid Lunar Sessions - liquid dnb open decks

  • To The Moon, Bristol
  • 4:00PM - Sun 28th Jan
  • Drum & Bass
  • from £0.00

"Back for our first session of the new year! Our monthly liquid dnb end of the weekend chill."

"Come on down for a nice chilled end to your weekend, not a big rave up just some good music, good drinks, maybe a pie and a bit of a boogie.

Also we run this as an open decks thing so anyone is welcome to come and play for 30-60 mins depending on how many people are involved. Tunes in the general direction of liquid dnb but it is mega laid back, open to all ages (over 18!) and abilities.

We have a basic, intimate little set up with Pioneer CDJ 350s so just need some memory sticks with your tunes! Free drink for every DJ.

Fresh off of the back of our new year's eve special it was amazing to see people who had met at liquid lunar playing back to back and supporting each other. Looking forward to what this year has in store!"


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