Native’s goal is simple: to provide you with an unbeatable nightlife experience

If you search for an events guide in your city, more often than not you’ll be left underwhelmed. On his 18th birthday, our founder, Nick, spent hours searching for a tool like Native. No such tool existed – so we created one ourselves. Nick’s 18th birthday was rubbish. Yours wont be. Native is a comprehensive guide to music and events. Our mobile application and website showcase every single event going on in the city. From the largest venues and club nights to the lesser-known artists playing basement gigs, you can find it on Native.

Our guide is for everyone, though we recognise that students are Native’s largest demographic. As a result, we include an option to select your university and browse the events taking place on your campus. Our team is comprised of students and recent graduates and we are committed to designing the application that we wish we had in our first year of university.

What It Does

Our intention is to make Native the complete nightlife tool by placing every event at the fingertips of the users. Beyond a complete guide, we have concluded that event-goers want two simple things: to save money on entry and to receive better value for their hard-earned cash inside the venue.With our app, users can place themselves on the guestlist in a single tap, redeem exclusive drink deals with our Securedeem technology, and with our VR reviews, users will be able to explore every venue in the city before they commit to purchasing a ticket.Individuals that use Native to attend an event will get in faster, save money on entry and, once inside, will get more bang for their buck.

Not Just For Consumers

Native achieves an unbeatable nightlife experience for everyone – including venues, event organisers, and promoters. For venues and events companies, we offer a platform where all of your events are listed clearly and are easily accessible to potential attendees. Native offers a centralised location for your event’s guestlist, tickets and in-venue deals whilst moving away from outdated and expensive marketing practices. We’re tearing down the Facebook wall.



Here at Native we are always glad to help, if you need assistance, have a query, or want to get your event on our app, shoot us an email at the above address. We have several members of the team on hand to help at all times.

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