In conversation: Four of Diamonds

by Yasmin Duggal / Image: APB PR, Oct 26, 2018

From X Factor to heading out on a UK tour, Virgin EMI's freshest new girl group chat about their rise to fame

They are Virgin EMI's first all-girl pop group signing since the Spice Girls (can you believe it?!) and they have just collaborated with viral sensation Saweetie on their new single 'Stupid Girls'. Four of Diamonds have had a whirlwind two years after they appeared on the X Factor Live Shows in 2016. Yasmin, Caroline, Sophia and Lauren can hardly believe their luck; we caught up with Manchester's own Yasmin Broom about being in Britain's most exciting new girl group.

You started off on X Factor and now you're heading out on a UK tour - the last year must have been pretty crazy?

It’s been super crazy! Our lives have completely changed and we’re so grateful. We literally came off the X Factor tour and moved down to London together and then signed the record deal and started working on the singles and album. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and I always keep a diary now so I never forget the memories. We’re so excited for our first live shows.

Your new single 'Stupid Girls' features viral sensation Saweetie - how did that collaboration come about and how much fun did you have?

It was so fun! Shooting the video was definitely the best part. We hired a huge mansion in London, had all our friends and family as extras and partied with Saweetie. We always wanted to have a feature on 'Stupid Things'. We heard Saweetie’s 'ICY GRL' freestyle and after that we knew we wanted her on the song. 

Your debut single has reached over a million streams across platforms. Did you expect it to sell so well or is it still a bit surreal?

We hoped it would but we didn’t expect it to! Especially with it being our first single and not having a huge amount of fans. It’s still very surreal. I find my self constantly going on Spotify and looking at the streams just to check they’re still there!!. 

There are so many strong females killing it in the music industry today - what do you think you guys bring to the British market? What makes you Britain's freshest new girl group?

Females are really killing it now, you’re so right! I think we bring something very different to the market. We’re four completely different girls from different backgrounds and places but we embrace it. We just want to have fun, take risks and make good music. We want to test the boundaries by doing collabs with artists from different genres and doing things that girl bands don’t usually do - such as making a song with Afro-fusion artist Burna Boy. 

Apparently, you are Virgin EMI's first all-girl pop group signing since the Spice Girls. How does it feel to be following that kind of legacy?

It feels incredible! It’s a huge compliment. The Spice Girls are icons and we were all obsessed with them when we were younger and still are so it’s crazy!

Who would be your dream collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with Rihanna. That would be a dream. I’ve been obsessed with her since I was about 10 and I still am! She’s killing the game. 

Is there any music at the moment you think we should be listening to? Any artists you are championing?

I am loving Jorja Smith, I think her voice is beautiful and so is her face haha. I’m also obsessed with the song 'Too Catty' by Tranell - the acoustic is really good too! Oh and Kodak Black's new song 'ZEZE'. 

And finally, what's the plan for next year? Do we have an album on the way?

We are working on an album! We just want to make sure it’s perfect. The plan for next year is to just keep releasing relatable music, hopefully do some more shows, continue building our fan base and who knows what else! 

We’ve got our very first shows coming up this November. We’re playing Manchester Academy 3 on  the 8th - can’t wait to perform in my hometown! 

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