New Years Eve 2018

by native, Nov 30, 2018

Your guide to New Years 2018

New Years Eve. The indecision, the FOMO, the hype, the ridiculously inflated entry prices to literally every club, venue or bar on Earth, last minute resolutions, the midnight kiss, the...

What have you got to worry about? Back in 1999, people were getting down to Britney, Will Smith and TLC whilst simultaneously waiting for the world to implode as clocks ticked nearer to the Y2K apocalypse - and they still had a good time.

NYE should be about pure, unsolicited fun. Shaking off the year behind and spilling drunkenly with your mates into the next. That's why were offering you the chance to win 5 tickets and a £250 bar tab to ANY New Years Eve event!

Plus, we've done the hard part for you. Whatever city you're in, we've compiled the hottest events to take you into 2018. From glittery funk and disco parties to heads down Techno raves that go on until 2 weeks into January, we've got you covered. 

So students, all you need to do is this: enter the competition, have a look through our essential events list, cross those fingers and wait until December 14th when we announce the lucky winners.












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