Revealed: The UK's Most Musical Cities

by native, Dec 06, 2018

In a world where music venues close their doors every week, which UK city is flying the flag for music?

No matter which city you live in, there's music. From Dad-Rock to Industrial Techno, there's something for everyone.

The UK is definitely one of the best places for music, with an unreal musical history and heritage that has consistently produced superstars up and down this little island we call home.

The question is though, where in the UK is the best place to be a music fan?

Leonadro Hotels have analysed 50 of the biggest cities and towns across the UK and Ireland to find out, here's the results:


Brighton, despite being far smaller than the majority of its competitors, bagged second place with 126 venues and an average of 247 monthly events. 

Plus, the team over at Leonardo have gone above and beyond to bring you some of the more important information on everyone's minds:

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