Aphex Twin to Play First New York Show in over 20 Years

by Tom Tye, Jan 16, 2019

The mad scientist of electronic music is set to return to the Big Apple this year

Taking place in Brooklyn's huge venue, Avant Gardner, Aphex Twin will return with his first NYC show in over two decades and, his first in the United States since 2016. 

Along the way, the legendary artist will stop off at Mexico's Cermonia Festival in Toluca and will make his return to Coachella since his last performance in 2008. 

His most recent work was praised by music critics for returning to his signature "Aphex Twin Sound" on his latest release Collapse EP, a 28 minute collection of splintered and stuttering rhythms, knotted synths across mind-bending tracks such as "T69 collapse" and "abundance10edit[2 R8's Fz20m & a 909]".

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