7 Times Lowkey was Woke AF

by native, Feb 26, 2019

We had a look at just a handful of reasons why the rapper's return is one of the most highly anticipated moments of 2019

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It's a little crazy on planet Earth right now. In an era of Trump, Brexit, conflict and confusion, we could do with something genuine - someone real enough to call it as it is. (Re)enter, Lowkey.

For those not in the know, Kareem Denis, better known by his stage name Lowkey, is a rapper and activist who for years has championed equality, pacifism and social justice across the UK and abroad through his music and activism. 

In 2016, he announced that after months of contemplation, he had decided to step away from music and concentrate on studying. Now, in a time where we need him more than ever - he's returning.

Here are 7 reasons, musical and not, as to why his return is one of the most anticipated events in this crazy year of 2019:

1. "Obama Nation"


In 2010, Lowkey dropped both the mic and an absolute tune, "Obama Nation" - a track which went out and out in attacking American imperialism, the military-industrial complex, presidents serving as puppets under corporate elites and the mounting civilian causalities of American involvement in the Middle East. Plus, it was banned from TV.


2. "Obama Nation Part 2"

"Bombs over Pakistan, Yemen and Libya - is Obama the bomber getting ready for Syria?" 

In his follow up release, "Obama Nation Part 2" featuring Lupe Fiasco, Kareem predicted the US' intervention in Syria in another track that mixes his stream of consciousness style raw flow with hard-hitting truth and intelligent perceptions of politics.


3. Obama "Be a man" speech


Lowkey publicly called out Obama at the Stop The War Demonstration in 2009 for his policies in the Middle East, telling him to step up and be a man after claiming to want to branch out with a hand of friendship to the Muslim world, then orchestrating bombings in Pakistan 2 days into his presidency.


4. Stop The War Coalition Mass Assembly


Made an incredibly powerful speech about at the Stop The War Coalition Mass Assembly, calling out the responsibility of the UK people to hold our government accountable for the impact of the Iraq war on civilian's lives, the use of depleted uranium and its effects on birth deformities and more.


5. "Something Wonderful"


Lowkey continuously fills his music with messages against egoism and especially against the objectification of women.


6. Turning down Tim Westwood


Kareem turned down appearing on Tim Westwood's radio show after Westwood broadcasted from Afghanistan's military base 'Camp Bastion'. At a time when any aspiring rapper would sell their soul to get on the air with Westwood, Lowkey turned his back on the opportunity purely on principle of his views and values, legend. 


7. Grenfell Tower


Living extremely close to Grenfell, he watched as people were trapped in the building on the night of 14th June. Subsequently, he launched a musical attack over the incompetence of councils and the Tory government in both foreseeing the crisis and not letting it slip out of the discussion around wealth inequality and the failure of the Conservatives and Austerity to tackle the crisis.


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