In Conversation with: B, Please!

by native, Mar 06, 2019

Meet Bitch, Please!, the promotors bringing creativity, showmanship and on point music to the LGBTQ+ scene and beyond!

B, Please! are bringing the sass to Green Door Store - 22/03/19 - get your tickets now!

Having completely taken over the West Country's LGBTQ+ scene, promoters Bitch, Please! have now brought the party to Brighton's shores. Boasting an inclusive atmosphere alongside some of the most on point DJs and music, they've cooked up a formula that has seen them sell out parties across the South with top notch bookings. 

We caught up with B, Please to chat about their upcoming event at Brighton's Green Door Store:

Any good party always starts with a reason to celebrate, so how did Bitch Please come about?

Liam:  Bitch, Please! started because we needed more sass in the sun! Apart from pride hopping across the country there just wasn’t any other gay day time events happening. The day time has also now evolved into night time. 

Suze:  Liam and I work in the music industry, we worked together on a number of occasions in clubs and festivals we have built a really great friendship through this and weirdly both wanted to discuss bringing Bitch, Please! to Brighton with each other (serendipity).

Considering Brighton is the gay capital there are no underground music queer nights, most nights are commercial. So it seemed only right to bring the party to Brighton as I think it can add something really quite special to the scene gay or straight.


You travelled down to Brighton last year for your seaside launch party, now you're bringing the party back again - how was your first B-town experience and what is it that's drawing you back again?

Suze:  The party is now based in both cities Brighton and Bristol, Liam and Travis are based in Bristol and me here in Brighton. We have regular shows lined up in at The Green Door Store quarterly and we have a run of summer terrace parties at The Tempest including PRIDE! So you could say we are here to stay!

Liam has actually been to Brighton a few times and worked here for a short period so he’s most certainly not a Brighton virgin by any means. 


You've destroyed dance floors time and time again in Bristol, as well as venturing to Cardiff, Brighton and Festival Stages - do you get different vibes from different cities, do people across the country react differently to certain tunes?

Liam:  Every city has its take on dance music, but we try to stay as true to ourselves and the party and just deliver great house music. What I do love seeing at festivals is the straight couple that will come to our stage, the girls want to be up at the front singing along to tunes your playing with there blokes just behind them giving us the nods to say “ok, I’m feeling you! “ it’s a great feeling seeing that from the booth. It means we’re doing our job right, bringing everyone together purely on the music and vibe we create.

What are some essential Bitch Please tracks?

Liam: I love playing anything from Derrick Carter, they always go down a treat. And I use a lot of acapella, so anything from Queen B to Lil Kim. I really like to give the gays something to gag over.


Who would be your dream booking?

Liam:  I'd love to see Miss Kitten behind our decks and, Midland is definitely due a visit.

Suze:  Honey Dijon, hands down! She has so much energy, what she represents is what we are. 

Who would you love to pop into one of your parties? 


Everyone is welcome! 


And finally, what are you listening to at the moment?

Suze:  Octo Octa / Eris Drew / Pepe / Or:la / Gerd Jansen / Cinthie


The bitch is back - cop your tickets to B, Please at Green Door Store here

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