14 Things You’ll Know if You Go to University in Brighton


Rachel Stone


25 Feb 2018

No matter which uni you went to – Brighton is one of the best places in the UK to be a student

Often dubbed ‘London-by-the-Sea’, Brighton is a cultural melting pot, where drag queens brush shoulders with students, pensioners walk alongside old-school ravers, and everyone rides a bike.

Whether it’s the promise of a Bohemian lifestyle, the rumour that it has more pubs than any other student town or just the fact it’s got a beach – Brighton is a trendy student city, with three universities (Brighton, Sussex and BIMM) ensuring that every weeknight is lively and every bar is busy.

If you go to university in Brighton, you’ll know about all these things. (And if you don’t know, get to know)...

1) It’s ALWAYS windy.

Living by the sea is great in summer when it reaches a tropical 22 degrees and you can sip Red Stripe on the beach while attempting to have a BBQ. In winter, not so much, as it makes it way colder than anywhere else. On bad days, stepping off the train in Brighton once you’ve been in the microclimate of London can feel like coming back from a warm holiday and stepping off the plane into the freezing abyss.

2) Seagulls

They’re everywhere, they’ll wake you up at 7am even if it’s a Sunday, and some of them are the size of small dogs.

3) The 25 Night Bus

Public transport in Brighton is great – there’s a bus almost every two minutes, and they’re relatively inexpensive. The 25 night bus, however, is a different story. Get on the bus between midnight and 1am, and it’ll be full of people chanting – catch a ride after 3am and expect slightly more kebabs with a high-chance of shouting matches. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat, you can expect to be wedged between a vomiting fresher and a couple who won’t stop making out.

4) What a ‘Red Coat Lady’ Is

For reasons that are unclear, the bouncers of a certain seafront club all wear red coats. Everyone has a friend who’s been banned from entering this playground of debauchery by one of the ‘Red Coat Ladies’, for being too drunk, falling over, or failing to produce their ID at the right time.

5) The Best Nights Out Happen Midweek

Going out on the weekend in Brighton is pretty much a myth unless you’re going to a ticketed event. The combination of expensive drinks and Brighton being a top-destination for hen and stag do’s makes the weekend off-limits to lots of students. Luckily, Brighton offers so many midweek nights that it doesn’t matter if you stay in all weekend.

6) Almost All Your Coursemates Are from London

“So, whereabouts in London are you from?” is a genuine icebreaker used in Brighton universities.

7) Veganism

Rumours that there are more vegans per square mile in Brighton than any other city in the UK are around for a reason. The roads are paved with vegan restaurants, cafes and pubs, and it seems like you’re never more than five metres away from a chickpea-based delight.

8) If Someone Lives Up Elm Groove...

Invite them to your house. Never agree to go to pre’s at theirs, or else you’ll spend half an hour walking up that colossal mountain, and look like you’ve just done an extreme cardio work-out (which to be fair, you have).

9) The Difference Between ‘the Lanes’ and ‘North Laine’

…Although no one really has a clue how to get around them.

10) Lewes Road Sainsbury’s is a Landmark

Pretty much everything in Brighton can be related to Lewes Road Sainsbury’s, and people use it as a landmark all the time.

“Where do you live mate?” ...“Just off Lewes Road… behind the big Sainsbury’s”.


                              11) Tuaca

If you know, you know.

12) There’s Always a Protest

It’s not just the political hotbed of Sussex uni that is the root cause of these protests. Brighton city-centre is always filled with demonstrations, to the point that you sometimes struggle to get down North Street without someone handing you a flyer or asking you to sign a petition.

13) The Pier is a Tourist Trap

Everyone flocks to the pier in first year, but soon realises it’s a scam. It does make for some amazing photos if you go at the right time of day though.

14) You’re at University in the Prettiest City in the UK

And everyone who visits is jealous.