8 songs to listen to on A-Level results day


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17 Aug 2022

Feeling stressed about A-Level results day? Read through our guide on using music to manage and express your emotions!

There’s no avoiding it, the 18th of August is a HUGE day in the calendar!


Thursday 18th September is A-Level results day and you, along with just over three quarters of a million other students, will receive your exam results and discover what lies ahead in both your academic and personal lives.

Results day can have a big impact on shaping your future and for many is a hugely nerve wracking time. However, it's important to control those emotions and if you’re anything like us, music plays a huge role in doing exactly that.

In fact, 87% of people believe that listening to calm music puts them in a calmer state and leaves a positive impact on their mind and mood. (Source)  

On a day potentially full of highs and lows, listening to music is key to seeing the bigger picture and ensuring you celebrate your achievements, no matter the results!

We’ve put together a list of eight songs to listen to on A-Level results day. Read on to discover our choices and have a chuckle at our attempt to justify why we picked them…

Breathe - Wilkinson

Let us set the scene… 

You’ve woken up early (aka barely had any sleep) and you’re feeling a little apprehensive about the day ahead. First things first, this is completely normal and to be expected, but it’s important to stop and take a breath before the nerves become overwhelming. 

This tune is the perfect way to start your morning as it starts out with an acoustic intro and slowly builds into an energetic banger that will have you dancing around the bedroom, momentarily blocking out any results day nerves.

Rumors - Lizzo

Yup, we’ve all heard the rumor that A-Level results are being corrected this year and for students to prepare for ‘disappointment’. 

However, the results are now out of your control and worrying about these rumors or spreading further fear is a fruitless exercise for all concerned (apart from tabloids wanting more article views ofc). 

Try to give yourself some space from the news and concentrate on what you can control, like your post results party plans…

Afraid to Feel - LF System

Everybody knows that A-Level results day is an emotional rollercoaster at best!

For some, it can be difficult to show these emotions, whether the results are negative or positive but it’s important that you process them either way.

You may do this in public or private but don’t be afraid to feel and show your emotions after what has been an incredibly difficult couple of years. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed it might be worth reaching out and speaking to someone at Student Minds. 

Humble - Kendrcik Lamar

Now this could seem like somewhat of a contradiction to our last point, but hear us out…

Whilst it’s important to process and show emotions on results day, there’s nothing worse than someone over-doing the celebrations.

Be proud, be ecstatic, be excited but just remember not everyone is in the same boat as you so make sure you support your friends and help them through a potentially tough day.

Be Humble!

Deal or No Deal - A1 x J1 & Mabel

Soo your results weren't exactly what you were hoping for and you’re going into the clearing process.

You might have taken note of information from UCAS and are prepared for this possibility with a shortlist of potential courses in mind as well as the relevant personal information you’ll need to share with the university.

Now, It’s time to make some deals!!

Feeling unprepared for clearing? Check out some tips from UCAS. 

Congratulations - Post Malone

No matter what your results are, congratulate yourself on making it through one of the most challenging periods of your life!

These results won’t define your future (cue the Jeremy Clarkson meme) and they certainly don’t define who you are. Give yourself a big pat on the back and get ready for the next stage of your life and exciting new experiences.

Get the Party Started - Pink

This one needs no explanation!

Let loose, make some memories and get a taste of what’s to come during Freshers week!

Starships - Nicki Minaj

Once the dust has settled on results day you’ve got a few weeks until University begins, so take Queen Nicki's advice:

‘Let's go to the beach-each

Let's go get a wave’ 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and try not to overthink what’s to come.This really is one of the best summers of your life so make sure it’s lit and give yourself a chance to fully recharge before heading off on your next chapter!

Final Thoughts

We wish each and every one of you the best of luck on results day and no matter the result, we’re sure we’ll be seeing you soon! 

Remember to think of the bigger picture and know that no matter what your path looks like, it will be full of exciting experiences, new people and opportunities to achieve your ambitions.

P.S. You can find our A-Level results day playlist over on our spotify by clicking here. 

native x