A Festival Like No Other: Dimensions Festival Essentials


Emma Chau

02 Aug 2019

Things you simply cannot forget for the utopian festival-holiday hybrid

The countdown is on… prepare for the ultimate festival holiday hybrid with our unique Dimensions festival essentials.

Packing for an abroad festival is much different to packing for festivals only a car, train or bus journey away. Restrictions on size and weight of objects are tighter and its important to cut down where possible. But you still need to pack everything you need to have a great time, right?

Packing is stressful enough. We’ve got you covered.

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Here’s our top 5 (not so obvious) essentials to help you through the mundane packing process:

1. Passport


We're catching flights not feelings this summer. Your passport is a necessity to even touch this Croatian utopian. For the festival, you will need an ID in your name. Bring a photocopy of your passport as you will likely be handing your passport into your accommodation (unless you're camping by the sea).

2. Tissues and Hand Sanitizer


These pair go hand in hand. There's nothing worse than toilets that smell, with no toilet roll, nowhere to rinse your hands and no sight of hand sanitizer anywhere. Plus drip and drying is just not ideal, at all. Save yourself the stress and pack some pocket tissues and hand sanitizer. Use these religiously and thank us later!

3. Lip Balm


Can’t stand having dry, chapped lips, especially when you’re singing and dancing to the best sounds Dimensions has to offer. May be obvious for the ladies but a moisturizing lip balm is defo an essential (even for the lads).

4. Portable Charger


You can't go wrong with bringing one. Avoid the horrible feeling of losing your mates with a dead phone or whip it out to save your mates low battery. Save the hassle and come prepared. 

5. Tickets


The most essential, duh! Grab your discounted student weekend ticket here.