All the People You'll Encounter on a Halloween Night Out


Tom Tye

31 Oct 2019

Your guide to the drunken costume-wearing masses of Halloween 2019

Halloween, a student nightife staple and one of the first big nights out after freshers week. From first to third-years, hordes of students descend upon local clubs dressed in varying degrees of Halloween enthusiasm and litres of fake blood. 

From the over-the-top try hards to the Buzz Killingtons, we've compiled a "comprehensive" list of everyone you'll bump into on the spookiest sesh of the year.

The last minute ripped T-shirt with blood on it

A classic. The student Halloween starter pack. It's the perfect last-minute cocktail of FOMO, a non-existent budget, and a massive lack of enthusiasm. They'll be knocking on flatmates' doors looking for some dregs of fake blood and a pair of scissors to slice up their least favourite white t-shirt moments before the taxi pulls up. 


The outrageously expensive costume ordered way back in July from Amazon

Student loans were made for this.


The arts and crafts wiz

They're papier-mâché-ing all over your shitty costume and you know it, but you'll be the one laughing when they stack it outside Yates and those hours of glue-gunning and painting are obliterated all over the pavement.


The horrifically realistic gory makeup

Hours of Youtube tutorials, buckets of liquid latex and fake blood, they'll turn up 3 hours late to pre-drinks looking like they were actually hit by a car on the way. This horror movie extra will probably spend most of their night being asked if they need someone to call an ambulance.


The one who went out the night before and looks like a zombie anyway

You'll see this corpse re-animated sometime around their third vodka Redbull.


The weirdo in a morph suit.

They feel like Spiderman in their shiny neon green suit of anonymity as they saunter toward the local Pryzm, can of Dark Fruit in hand - everyone else thinks they look like a twat.


The obscure reference that has to be explained to everyone they meet

"Yeah mate, you know the paperclip from Microsoft Word '98..."


The overtly offensive costume

Dressed head to toe in a massive lack of self-awareness, you'll see them every year. The Hitlers, The Jimmy Savilles, they lie in wait all year round until they can parade around making up for their lack of inventiveness with the most offensive thing they could think of.


The buzzkill

They'll claim they forgot the date, or that dressing up for Halloween is for children. Or maybe they just went out dressed as a MASSIVE BUZZKILL.