Don't Miss: Open Mike Eagle @ The Haunt

Don't Miss

Reuben Cross


12 Mar 2018

Chicago alternative hip-hop artist Michael W. Eagle II aka Open Mike Eagle - comes to Brighton this Thursday!

Open Mike Eagle comes to The Haunt on March 15th as part of his first string of UK dates in four years.

I'm from a line of ghetto superheroes, I holla, I've got something to bring to your attention”, raps Open Mike Eagle on the track ‘Brick Body Complex’. In fact, throughout the course of his 6th album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, the Chicago-born MC has quite a few things to bring to our attention.

A brave concept record about the now-demolished Robert Taylor Homes public housing project in his home city, Open Mike Eagle has delivered what is being lauded as his strongest and most cohesive release to date, making many appearances on critics’ Album of the Year lists at the end of 2017. The album explores the harsh realities of growing up in an area troubled by gang violence, drugs and poverty and mixes these themes with Eagle’s skilful wordplay, his trademark sharp wit and some of the most personal lyrics he has put to record.


Self-branded as ‘art rap’, Open Mike Eagle’s music draws its influences from a plethora of diverse places, taking cues from hip-hop heroes such as De La Soul and Busta Rhymes as well as cult art-rock oddballs They Might Be Giants, whose sunny songs mixed with lyrics on dark subjects heavily helped him develop the style he’s come to perfect over the course of his career so far.

It’s the close attention that goes into Open Mike Eagle’s craft and his genuine passion that has helped him gradually rise up through the underground into the conscience of a wider audience with his recent releases. This increased stature has seen him also working alongside some bigger names such as Aesop Rock and producer Paul White, with whom he released the collaborative album Hella Personal Film Festival in 2016.

Joining Open Mike Eagle for the Brighton leg of his European tour is Milo, who has continued to impress with a string of recent albums such as Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! and Sovereign Nose of (Y)our Arrogant Face, which he released under his Scallops Hotel moniker. If there’s any time to go and catch Open Mike Eagle, it’s right now as he reaches the top of his game.

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