Exposed Bristol: Tap The Feed


Kieran Mallon & Mustafa Mirreh


12 Dec 2018

We gave some of our favourite people a disposable camera and asked them to document the best bits of living in Bristol - these are the results

In an age when digital content comes streaming at you from every conceivable angle, there's something to be said about a good, old-fashioned, matte-finished snap from the local Boots. A photograph you can hold in your hand - a slip of resin-coated paper topped with light-sensitive emulsion that makes you think "yep, I was definitely there".

Because in the era of fake news, how can you trust information that exists purely in the digital realm? Did I really take that picture? Did I even go on a gap year? Once that henna tattoo has faded there won't be a shred of tangible evidence. Real photos, real experiences, stuff that we can truly cling onto - that's what it's all about.

Anyway, here are the digital scans from our latest disposable camera, courtesy of Tap The Feed:

Tap The Feed is a Bristol-based music publication that specialises in covering local talent. Like native, they have a knack for catching acts on their way up, a passion for all things music, and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Bristol.

We met up with editor Mustafa for a coffee by Temple Meads before deciding that TTF was the perfect pick for the Bristol edition of the new Exposed series. A lifelong Bristol resident, music head, and all-round swell guy, these snaps expose some of Bristol's most popular spots, as well as some hidden gems, through the eyes (and words) of a Bristol native.

Right at the heart of the city centre is Hy-Brasil Music Club. Serving food during the day (two for one burgers during the weekdays), to bringing live music and DJ sets in the evenings, it’s the perfect combo of food, live music and partying to the early hours under one roof.

The best place you can find for cracking burgers and milkshakes. Three Brothers is right up there with the best when it comes to food and the ultimate hangover cure to soak up all the partying from the night before.

A music and club venue on a boat, what’s not to love? Another historic venue docked on the river, this venue is fantastic spot for live music with touring bands performing from all over the world and also renowned for its weekly club nights - Pressure on Thursday, Pop Confessions on Saturday and then some.

A personal favourite of mine for Coffee shops is The Playground. A small and super chilled cafe during the day with board games and swings (yes, actual swings) for seats that also becomes a mini bar in the later hours toward the weekend, offering some slick cocktails and drinks to spice up your evening.

Finally, if food is your game then you’re in for a real treat if you visit St Nicholas Market. During the weekdays and Saturday, the market bursts to life with food stands serving dishes from all over the globe, catering for all of your tastebuds. Definitely one to hit if you visit Bristol.