Happy International Women's Day!


E Chau

06 Mar 2020

Who run the world? GIRLS

Gender equal world or a forged enabled world? Let's celebrate women's achievements and raise awareness against gender stereotypes.

In light of International Women's Day 2020 we're celebrating up and coming female music artists across the world!

Check out who we've put in the spotlight this year:



American born singer-songwriter, based in Brighton, brings an eclectic mix of British soul, Jazz, neo-soul and alternative RnB. Named the Brit Award Rising Star of 2020 and number one breakthrough act BBC Music Sound of 2020, the young upcoming artist writes original compositions like her breakthrough EP 'Lately'. I mean she's already got A Colours Show out on YouTube... definitely someone to look out for this year!

Allie X


Alexandra Ashley Hughes is a Canadian singer, songwriter and visual artist began her career as an indie-pop artist based in Toronto. Working with the likes of Troye Sivan and Charli XCX her sound has a transcendence vibe, taking pop in a delightfully weird direction. Her most notable track 'Love Me Wrong' featuring Troye Sivan is that place to start...



If you love Ella Mai, Jorja Smith and Kiana Lede you'll love Mahalia! Working with the likes of Burna Boy, Little Simz and Buddy, the 21-year-old singer/ songwriter is best known for her song 'Sober', bringing your ears the neo-soul, contemporary RnB you were waiting for. From touring internationally to releases EPs were here to celebrate how much she's accomplished at such a young age.



Martha Brown is a Melbourne-born, LA-based singer/songwriter and producer. She's toured with the likes of Taylor Swift and Charli XCX presenting a new wave of pop music, infused with dance and electronic waves. Releasing her album 'Look at Us Now Dad' just last month Banoffee gives us 14 hyperactive tracks, putting her on the map. Notably 'One Night Stand' has gained great reception by fans. Check her out now!

Bella Boo


Specializing in house/dance/electronic genres, Bella Boo is a "DJ, producer & emo from Stockholm" as her Spotify bio describes. With 166,299 monthly listeners, she'll definitely be climbing the ladder this year. Her most notable track 'Alom' is a feel-good song we all need to hear. Featuring the likes of Gnucci and Def Sound on her latest album 'Once Upon A Passion' in 2019 we're excited for what she's got in store this year.

Seinabo Sey


A Swedish singer best known for her breakthrough track 'Younger'. If you're into the soul, pop, and electropop, she's got it for you! The infusion of genres coupled with her deep and rich vocals brings an unapologetic message... adding something different to what you usually hear on the radio. 



The New York based Rnb duo brings us smooth fluid sounds and perfectly pays homage to their Yoruba namesake. As an independent duo their heavy drums and bass alongside harmonic textures connects us with the sonic manifestation of Afrofuturism. Give them a listen here! 

Ruth B


Starting her career through vine in 2013 (R.I.P. Vine), the app that allowed you to post short videos of ANYTHING, Ruth B has produced original beautiful compositions in pop/ Rnb genres. Releasing her debut album in 2017 'Safe Haven' gathered over 615 million overall streams on Spotify. Her breakthrough track 'Lost Boy' has accumulated over 470 million streams on Spotify alone! Check her out here.

Let's celebrate women's musical achievements this International Women's Day!