In Conversation With: Al Moses


By Iona Evans // Photos by Dali Mia Poulsom

03 Mar 2018

“Who are we? Al fucking Moses!”

Taking Cardiff’s music scene by storm, Merthyr quartet, Al Moses, are one of the 10 chosen artists being developed and supported by The Forte Project.  With their indie riffs, catchy bass lines, and infectious effect on any audience, this 90s inspired band are definitely ones to watch in 2018.

We were able to catch up with the lads before their first headline, sell-out gig at Buffalo. Their fresh sound of a modern take on rock and roll gives a new and exciting feel to the Cardiff music scene. Their boisterous, witty and playful personalities proved that a serious interview was not going to take place, so we headed over to Spoons for a chat.


Who are the people behind Al Moses?

Jack: This is Dafydd Thomas, George Percival, I'm Jack Shepherd and this is Raychi. Just Raychi (Bryant.)

Who plays what instruments?

Daf: I play the G-tar.

George: I play a bit of football.

Jack: I play the double guitar.

Raychi: Bass guitar.

(George does, in fact, play a bit of football, but he’s also the drummer for the band.)

Where did the name Al Moses come from?

*a lot of scoffs and laughter*

Daf: Should we say the truth?

Raychi: Nah mate you can’t.

Jack: Basically I saw Jesus and Marychain in Tramshed, and then a number of conversations happened after that, and a lot of exes.

What happened in between is unknown, and then yeah. Al Moses.


When did the band form?

Jack: Me and Daf started back in 2015. We found George on a street corner, with a load of cats. And he said “If you don't give me a home now, I’ll eat them” So we said, “Do you wanna be a bassist?” and he was like “Nah man, I’d rather eat the cats”

Daf: So we were like “Would you like to be a guitarist?” and he said “Nah man” We said “Would you like to sing?” and he said “Nah man

Jack: so we said...

Daf: “Fuck off” and then he said “I’ll be the drummer” So he drummed, and he drummed well.

Jack: George joined in 2016, and then we found Raychi on another street corner. Or was it Tinder? Anyway, he joined and now he plays the bass guitar.

How are you feeling about your first headline gig?

Daf: This is our first headline gig, we’re ready for flames, fire, dancing, and more fire.

Jack: We’re very excited, there are some great bands playing man. Parish and The Pitchforks as support. It's gonna be sick.


What do you think of Buffalo as a venue?

Daf: It’s great man, it’s our favourite place to play. We’ve played there twice before. They treat us very well, they’ve got a buffet upstairs and stuff for us, full of veggie burgers. And cats, for George.

So what makes Al Moses different from other local Cardiff bands?

Jack: We are the resurgence of bands who don’t just care about making money and selling out, don’t get me wrong those things would be nice but we love making music and putting our stamp onto the local music scene, and maybe one day we’ll be putting our stamp onto bigger things.

Daf: There’s nothing different about us, in fact, we’re just the same recycled shit that everyone loves. And that is why you should come along to our gigs.

One of the reasons we love Al Moses is because of their witty sarcasm, and their inability to stay serious for more than a few moments.


Finally, what does 2018 have in store for Al Moses?

Jack: Were gonna release a single in the summer, we’ve got loads of gigs man, Focus Wales, Welsh Fest, Merthyr Rising, supporting the Manics in the Motorpoint, Supporting the Beatles.

George: We’re gonna save the Reading line up and perform on the main stage!

Daf: We’ve been down in Gloucester recording three songs, called ‘No Hope in the Haze’, ‘Cancer’ and ‘Gutter Rock Moxie’.

Nice talking to you, lads! To keep an eye on their upcoming releases and gigs, follow Al Moses on Facebook or Twitter.