Live Review: Blossoms


Olivia White / Photo: APB PR


17 May 2018

Blossoms revive 80s popular culture on their 'Cool Like You' tour

Imagine being plunged right back into the thriving popular culture of the 80s where outrageous haircuts (sorry Tom) and synth experimentation embellished with elaborate love stories reigned. In fact, there’s absolutely no need to visualise it, just get down to see Blossoms present their latest spellbinding album Cool Like You.

Dressed in a grey, washed-out jumpsuit bespangled by a pair of pristine white pumps, Tom Ogden and his musical counterparts performed a celestial show to a sold-out Manchester Apollo which left the crowd clutching at the remnants of their past relationships.

The potent rhythm section comprising of Joe Donovan and Charlie Salt provided a forceful, sturdy foundation for the nifty guitar licks, dazzling synth and finally the hopeless romantic narrative that so effortlessly infused the air, leaving the listener romanticising even the most toxic of past lovers.

Even though Blossoms are already known for their intricate guitar riffs framing Tom’s love-sick melodies infiltrated by his thick Stockport accent, it would be naïve to dismiss the progress this reigning indie pop-rock 80’s-infused synth beat quintet have made (phew, that was a mouthful). By combining an ethereal mix of such genres, Blossoms have produced a concoction of nostalgic, intelligent and heart-warming, spine-tingling hits which come together to form Cool Like You.

 Photo: APB PR

With an album that is utterly saturated in sensational synth beats, it cannot be overlooked that Blossoms have certainly returned with an even brighter, bolder and complex live performance. This particular evening with Blossoms visibly exuded a more profound, charming confidence from each of the members which rebounded in the chests of each audience member before it shone through the almost dystopian lighting set-up.

Having said that, alongside Blossoms clearly paying their dues to artists such as Crowded House for their debut and Blondie with their latest, there is one inspiration that really projected and that is the Stockport lad’s love for extra-terrestrial storylines - particularly Stranger Things.

Tunes such as ‘Unfaithful’ and ‘Cool Like You’ undoubtedly possess peculiar notes resonating with the Stranger Things soundtrack which made for a captivating and peculiar performance accentuated by the vintage attire that each member had chosen to wear.

Ogden’s stellar sorcery which commanded us through old classics such as 'At Most A Kiss' and new hits 'There's A Reason Why' and 'I Can't Stand It' instilled a faith in fans that Blossoms will never disappoint and that they will remain true to their love-drunk, northern roots.

Honey Sweet Good Lord, what a gig.