Live Review: DMA'S


Yasmin Duggal / Photo: Jen Southgate


03 May 2018

DMA'S receive astonishing response to new material at Manchester Academy

Sometimes you turn up to a gig, hear the best songs from an intriguing debut and average second album, and leave thinking you could have played the record and it would have sounded the same. And sometimes you turn up to a gig, become totally immersed in the ground-breaking atmosphere, and leave with a whole new perspective on albums you’ve listened to time and time again.

Such was true for DMA’S sold out Manchester show, which managed to prompt a whole Academy to pour out songs which had only been released the day before. Opening on ‘Feels Like 37’ seemed an odd choice – why pick a 2015 song from a debut EP to begin the campaign for new album, For Now? Because the Sydney trio have the musical prowess and emotional efficacy to do what they damn well please, that’s why.

Cruising through mosh-inducing ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Timeless’ to sensitively impactful ‘In the Air’ and ‘Time and Money’, each track struck a chord in different but equally poignant ways, none more so than the acoustic, heart-aching riff to mark the start of fan favourite ‘Delete’.

Oasis-esque ‘Emily Whyte’, which closed the show, made clear why the band are so often compared to the Britpop legends, but ‘Emily Whyte ‘was a true moment – like the first notes of ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’, it held astonishing emotional capacity.

Keeping ‘Play It Out’ and ‘In the Moment’ in the pipeline until the encore was gorgeously executed, as the closing moments of the gig called for a monumental farewell. “Always a pleasure”, smirked Tommy O’Dell as he swaggered round the stage and thanked the city wholeheartedly, before launching unexpectedly and brilliantly into final track ‘Lay Down’, which left the crowd reeling in awe and drowned in Red Stripe.

If DMA’S were apprehensive of how new material would go down, they couldn’t have asked for more. Each For Now track was greeted with open arms and radiated an organic kind of energy reminiscent of the best 90s guitar music.