Man Does Pull-Ups on Pipe at Printworks, Floods Entire Club


Tom Tye

15 Oct 2018

You can't make this stuff up...

Last night at London's favourite warehouse club, the industrial vibe was taken to another level as one raver singlehandedly shut down the 6000-cap club after allegedly doing chin-ups on a water pipe, causing it to burst...


For some, it was just too much... 



"Sunday's Solid Grooves event at Printworks London was halted just before 9pm after an internal pipe was damaged, causing water to come into the venue. The building was cleared in accordance with safety procedures and we are grateful to guests for their cooperation and understanding. We are investigating reports of an incident that is believed to have caused the leak.

We expect the necessary repair work to be completed shortly and there will be no impact on forthcoming events. Ticket purchasers who were affected by Sunday's incident will be contacted by email in due course."

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