Native Mix #012: Attic w/ Øvre

The Native Mix

Kieran Mallon


27 Mar 2017

Introducing ATTIC, the undergound dance music night that started in the upstairs of a pub.

Jack and Anders, masterminds of the ATTIC series, fell headfirst into the job. Much like The Velvet Underground was assembled by Andy Warhol, ATTIC began as a night above Pav Tav at which Jack and Anders were to be residents. However, upon sorting out the artwork, booking the DJs and handling pretty much everything else that comes with creating a night, the pair realised that ATTIC was, surprisingly, their own handiwork. Whilst it is named after the curious space above the pub, which most recently played host to the launch of Fourth World, ATTIC currently resides at MONO. The first two parties, in June and August last year, were the only ones which did the name justice. For ATTIC 003, the duo moved underground.

 "The first ATTIC almost didn’t happen as well. We arrived at the venue around midday (a good 10 hours before people would start to arrive) and the sound just wouldn’t work… nothing, at all. It got to around 7PM and we were very, very close to cancelling the event. Luckily we pushed one button and sound just started to filter out!"  

Whilst it may owe its beginnings to a few instances of well-deserved good fortune, ATTIC is now an established Brighton party approaching it's first birthday. There have been five installations in the series so far - the night has hosted the likes of Nick the Record, Jaime Read, Soul City, Zacquille and fellow Patterns Resident Faro.

For ATTIC 006, which takes place on April 14th, Jack and Anders invite Lyon's Juliano and Brighton legend Darren Murphy for seven hours of non-stop dance music mayhem. There isn't even room on this billing for Øvre - the duo's DJ alias, so you get two extended sets for the price of one (and even that's pushing it - it's only £3 on the door).

The headliner, Juliano, is a resident at Lyon's Ambassade Club; describing himself as an 'emotional elevator' and with selections that encompass House, Techno, Funk, Disco, Acid, Italo and more, you can only expect that his four hour showing at MONO will be the DJ equivalent of Homer's Odyssey. This is a man with a cartoonishly deep record bag.

"We don't have a strict music policy: we invite DJs that will take us on a tour of their collections, policing the genres would only restrict the atmosphere that is built on the dance floor"

Event number seven, coming in June, will mark ATTIC's first birthday. The pair are coy about the details but have stated that the the guests (plural) have been confirmed and that it is ATTIC's biggest booking yet. There's also rumblings of some day events over summer but we'll have to hold tight for further announcements on that one. The guest mix is a 90m adventure through deep, chilled-out house, upbeat, percussive dance tracks and funky, synthy tech sounds of the future. Hit play:

1. Favourite event you've been to recently? Pender Street Steppers at Patterns a couple of weekends ago were great. Lost in a moment events (run by Berlin based label Innervisions) are a top tip from us. We've been to several now in different European locations, always an intimate affair with nothing but great people, great sound and a lovely atmosphere.

2. Dream booking? Day & night event with DJ Harvey, Theo Parrish and Glenn Underground. Not too much to ask?

3. What are you listening to right now? The recent Talaboman album is just incredible. Not too recent but the latest Vermont album from Marcus Worgull and Motor City Drum Ensemble is really amazing too.