Native Mix #064: Rotary Club

The Native Mix

Hannah Nicholson-Tottle


13 Mar 2018

Cardiff's Rotary Club Residents join us in a mix ahead of their set alongside Luv Jam at Kongs on the 24th of March.

Cop a ticket to Rotary Club Presents - Luv Jam [Cocktail D'Amore / Phonica] for just £5 here.

The Rotary Club Residents return to Level 2 of Cardiff’s beloved retro arcade-turned-music venue Kongs with household name and accomplished selector, Andrew Cole aka Luv Jam. Having played at parties from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Berlin and Ibiza, his extended 3-hour set is sure to get you moving.

The Rotary Club itself began in Falmouth, specialising in underground music promotion and throwing merry parties for your pleasure. Native caught up with the Rotary Club Residents to find out a little more about the trio behind the decks…

Who are the Rotary Club Residents?

The Rotary Club Residents consist of Sam Jones, Eddie Jones, and Jake Cornford.

Tell us a little about the people behind the Rotary Club Residents?
Sam and Edd are brothers, and Jake is a childhood friend, they all went to high school together.

How did the residents come about?
Although being the three promoters of the night we all saw it as an opportunity to play our own growing record collection.

Do your visuals come into it at all?
We sometimes like to jazz up the venue with a little bit extra but we prefer to keep it minimal. The darker and smokier the better.

Kongs is a pretty unique venue, being a games arcade, what’s it like to play there?
We really enjoy playing kongs whether it be our monthly slot in the main bar or hosting a dance in level 2. it is a fairly new venue in Cardiff so it still an exciting place to play.

Tell us a little about your next event? 
We are hosting LUV JAM in Kongs level 2 on 24th March, where he'll be playing an extended 3 hour set on a handmade, bespoke speaker stack provided by a good friend of ours Josh Worthy.

So what does the future have in store for you?
More laughs, more tunes, more parties, more dancing and more tops off, like.

Before we finish - can you give us a few words on the mix? 
A finely curated selection of some recent favourites both old and new.

Nice talking to you lads, see you on the dancefloor! Listen to their guest mix below: