Native Mix #079: Tech Support

The Native Mix

Kieran Mallon

18 Jun 2018

Brighton rising star Tech Support joins the guest mix

Signed to vinyl-only label Astropical Tapes and represented by Brighton's Unity Agency which also features the likes of Pablo Contrand, Faro, and Late Nite Tuff Guy, Ned Dickinson AKA Tech Support is one of our tips to be the next electronic music star to emerge out of Brighton.

With a handful of irresistible edits and remixes under his belt, Tech Support's love of digging has resulted in a mesmerising backlog of sample-based tunes, though in his upcoming releases we're told to expect a number of fully OG tracks from the young producer.

Read the interview and listen to Tech Support's groove-laden guest mix below:


Let's start at the beginning - what's your earliest musical memory?

I’m going to say when my parents bought me a guitar for my sixth birthday and my dad tried to teach me a riff on it. I was a bit too young at the time so didn’t get into it much until I got a bass a couple years later.

I'm going to assume full-time DJ/musician is your dream job - what's second on the list? Say if you lost all your DJing powers overnight like that scene in Space Jam.

I wish I had something else to fall back on to be honest I’d probably start painting or something along those lines.

What's been the most memorable moment of your music career so far?

Receiving my first 12” in the post after months of waiting still sticks with me for sure.

Any moments you'd rather forget?

The first time I was given the chance to DJ at a party! When I was 14 I played at a friends birthday party and basically drank far too much and got taken to hospital after my set. Since then I never drink much when I play as you might expect!


You're a producer as well as a DJ - how would you describe your music? Who do you take inspiration from?

Up until this point I’d say its mainly been that kind of weird grey area between edits and remixes; when you annoy the real editors for adding too much and the remixers for adding too little. However, I’m making a lot if less sample-based stuff that’s going to be slowly emerging from my hard drive and onto black discs at some point this year!

At the moment I’m taking lots of jazz in and trying to find a way to use and incorporate it more into my music. Some producers I’m really digging at the moment are using very jazzy elements (e.g. Byron the Aquarius, Henry WU and K15) and I think that’s the route I’d like to go.

So, you can have dinner with one DJ, one rapper, and one pop singer - who's coming round for tacos and why?

Hunee of course. As for the others I don’t listen to hip-hop or pop so I honestly wouldn’t know who or why.

What have you got coming up that you're excited about?

Release-wise I’ve got a remix, tracks on VA’s and an EP I’m very happy with that will be out this year! As for gigs, I’m going to be opening at Patterns this Saturday before Krywald & Farrer and HAAI and then closing at Tempest Inn with Sam Karam after Z Lovecraft. I’m very excited to play at XOYO with Dan Shake, Crazy P and Late Nite Tuff Guy next month too!

Finally, what are you listening to right now?

Barbara York – Close To You


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