NEW Boomtown Themed Venue in Bristol


Emma Chau

02 Aug 2019

Have you heard? Bristol's newest events coming your way this Autumn


The massive events space is expected to hold a huge capacity of 3,500 people, run by the organisers of one of the UK’s best music festivals on Albert Road in St Philips.

Boomtown festival-goers know how sick the annual eye-catching and creative music festival is. It has been confirmed Boomtown inspired action is planned to take place in the new venue with a range of events, including plays, film, live music, dance, late night refreshments and a great supply of alcohol and we couldn’t be more excited.

The creativity and experience of the Boomtown team, behind the consistently successful festival, make it safe to say we're in for a great surprise when the venues doors open later this year.

We'll keep you updated. Watch out for it!