Patterns is Putting the Local Scene First Every Friday Night


Harry Lindsey


01 Aug 2017

Meet the Brighton promoters providing the platform for our city's sickest upa and comers.

In the last few years, Patterns has established itself as an integral part of Brighton nightlife. The venue has gained its reputation by continually bringing the best DJs and musicians from around the world to Brighton. Now, with their new weekly club night Neighbourhood, they are providing a platform focused on the city's local scene. We spoke to the organisers of the night to find out what plans Neighbourhood have for their Friday night spot at Patterns.

24hr Garage Girls are the next organisation to helm a Friday night in the basement

As suggested by its name, the ethos of Neighbourhood is to celebrate the local music community. The organisers of the new club night have always felt that Brighton needed more of a focal point for its homegrown talent:

‘there have been snippets here and there, but a weekly event where one of the main focuses is the talent we have here in our city is something we haven’t seen in some time, if ever.’

What sets Neighbourhood apart from other weekly nights is this focus on Brighton-based talent. With Brighton familiars such as Free Range and Off-Peak having a hand in launching the night, as well as involvement from Southpoint and Inna Sound in the pipeline, the local representation that Neighbourhood is pushing is undeniable.

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Although Neighbourhood has a local focus, their ambition is far from restricted. Whilst they plan on providing a platform for a varied selection of local Brighton musicians, Neighbourhood will too showcase the occasional bigger headliner from elsewhere, cementing Patterns as an integral venue for the UK Underground scene. The organisers intend their Neighbourhood moniker to assure a stellar night of underground music:

‘We set out to get to the point where a majority of people come to Neighbourhood because of the brand itself rather than the individual event we have that evening. "Friday night, what are we doing? Neighbourhood." That's what we're aiming for.’

The organisers plan on achieving this by providing consistently top-tier and simultaneously varied music. The night will eventually stray from being confined to the same genre each week, offering more experimental nights which will traverse genres that you don’t often find in Brighton. The initiative will consequently be offering something new to the Brighton club scene by giving local talent a platform, as they told us: ‘ultimately we want to see the Brighton scene grow and succeed. There is so much local talent here and it seems sometime we’re not united in moving forward in the same way other cities are, we’d like to change that for the better.’

If you like what you hear, Neighbourhood takes place every Friday at Patterns. For their next party they’ll be bringing garage aficionados 24hr Garage Girls to the dance on June 30th. £3 with names on the wall before twelve.