Review: Gengahr @ The Globe


Angharad Evans // Photos by Will Morgan


18 May 2018

Here's what we thought about the final stop of Gengahr's tour at The Globe, Cardiff.

Genghar are a London-based quartet who have been musically exploring and experimenting with their own signature style indie-pop narratives and stories, often supported by unique music videos and artwork created by the band themselves. Their second album ‘Where Wilderness Grows’ was released at the beginning of March 2018, which continued to explore supernatural and surreal worlds. Supported by Oxford band, Low Island, they’ve been gigging with each other for as long as they remember, with the aim of being able to create music that has the traditional aspect of songwriting, alongside dance music. They also recently had their first performance in the city of Barcelona, a city with a developing reputation in the music industry.  Cardiff’s The Globe was the last stop of their tour and expectations and energy were high, and definitely met.

Cardiff’s Sock were up first, the very friendly band with their cool skate style made a great start to the night at The Globe last Friday. There’s no doubt that they got everyone pumped for the following performances from Low Island and the headliners, Gengahr. The band were a great fit for the night due to their unique indie funk sounds and somewhat unexpected fragments of jazzy elements.

Second were Low Island. It’s immediately clear to see why this band have been supporting Gengahr on their latest tour. Their energetic stage presence demonstrates their solid relationship as a band and the strong bond they hold together. Their compilation of sounds from their indie vibe mixed with elements of electronic and rock displays their long-standing experience in a wide range of genres, subsequently creating a very current and unique sound.  

It was exciting to witness The Globe packed full for London band Gengahrs first headline show in Wales. After releasing their second album ‘Where Wildness Grows’ Gengahr pulled off a confident performance with their imaginative storytelling vocals. It was clear to see that they have managed to find and master their unique sound with their signature electronic reverb and great guitar solos by main guitarist John Victor. Their confidence has clearly grown over recent years with the help from the release of their latest album back in 2017. It was also a great end to the night with Felix and Hugh taking the time out to sell and sign their earliest and latest albums including vinyl copies and various singles,

For any festival goers keen to check them out can visit them at one of their first festivals of the year Barn on the Farm, or click here for more gig dates...