Student Black Friday Shopping Tips 2019


Emma Chau

25 Nov 2019

Our quick guide to mastering Black Friday 2019 to get the best deals...

This year the 29th November marks Black Friday, the day hundreds of people get out to shop for sick deals and bag themselves new things for cheaper than its original price.

While some retailers have already launched their deals and discounts on a bunch of items, Black Friday will have price drops bigger than any time of the year!

If you're a student ballin' on a budget or just wondering how to shop efficiently and get the most out of the sales, here's a bunch of ways you can prepare for this shopping extravaganza.

Wake up early to beat the crowds


Let the deals be your alarm clock! Wake up bright and early to bag the best deals that WILL sell out quickly. Be the first in the queue to avoid disappointment. Make a note of all the shops you wish to have a browse in to avoid impulse buys and make your day run as smooth as possible. You'll thank yourself for it later on!

Do it online?


With the growing and expanding nature of e-commerce, why not shop online? Its easier to filter what you're looking for with a few clicks and you won't have to get up from your bed! I'd still recommend waking up early to beat the virtual queues, but online shopping is honestly the way forward. AND if you don't want to pay for delivery fees, click and collect for many retailers is often free or cheaper than delivery to your door. 

Get in the know


Researching doesn't stop at essays and uni assignments. Don't be caught up in misleading deals and research what Black Friday deals retailers are offering. Research the retailers you're interested in and compare on other websites to see where you can find the cheapest items.

P.s. an extra tip is to go on your favourite retailers and create a wishlist on their websites so all the items you've got your eye on are all in one place... then when Black Friday comes around all you have to do it add it to your basket and check out. So what are you waiting for?

Save some extra coins with your student discount


Some retailers have Black Friday discounts and deals open for the public, but take advantage of being a student and use that extra 10% student discount ON TOP of sales if that's what retailers are offering.



Set yourself a budget so you're not splurging on unnecessary items and consider returning items that you no longer want if their not suitable for your needs. Like do you really need a blender with 5 different settings? Or could you opt for a much cheaper alternative that does the job just fine?

Never too early to shop for Christmas Gifts


Look out for Christmas gifts while there are sales and deals flying left right and centre. You could bag all the Christmas gifts you were planning to buy people for so much cheaper this Black Friday. 

Be considerate and friendly


Manners cost nothing. Be kind to retail staff and keep the shop floor tidy to help you, other customers and staff have a better experience this Black Friday. 

Ready for the madness?