Student New Years Resolutions we WILL Stick To


Emma Chau

28 Dec 2019

Not just your ordinary New Year's resolutions... Here are tailored goals for my fellow students who also struggle to stick to New Year's goals

We've all heard it before ay? Everyone prepping for their New Years resolutions and contemplating what to give up or avoid as we approach the New Year. For us students its always your classic drink more water, study more, attend all lectures, spend less money, sleep more, eat cleaner, and stop procrastinating. But lets be honest when have these ever been obeyed and worked? They're just too vague and flimsy goals we know you won't stick with throughout the whole year.

Of course we can all aim to stick to these general resolutions, treat them more like daily goals. But if you're really looking for more solid resolutions as a student, we've put together a bunch of resolutions that will kick off 2020 the right way and hopefully you'll end up actually sticking to these ones! These goals are also great for when you need to get back on track when your life starts to feel like a shambles.

Be more organised


So being more organised is a general New Years resolution that appears near the top of nearly everyone's list. Let's break it down... 

CLEAN - The first step to being more organised is feeling more organised. Maintain the cleanliness of your halls or student housing at least weekly, if not daily. Not only will this help you find your crockery and personal belongings easily, but you'll FEEL more organised, knowing your space is clean and tidy.

DEADLINES, ASSESSMENTS (the words that take the fun out of uni) - As term 2 approaching ensure you're aware of the deadlines and assignments you're expected to do for the upcoming term. Note down each the assessment details of the modules you're taking so you're prepared for what's to come.

Think future prospects


 Now, as students we hear this a lot. Although it can be daunting it is important to think about your next steps and where you'd like to be in the next couple of years. With that being said, a New Years resolution that should be added to everyone's list is to attend more networking events! These will make you more visible to potential employers and even boost your knowledge and skills in the world of employment. 

Check out what your university offers with regards to career facilities! Many will provide the opportunity for careers fairs and events... you just need to be proactive and look out for the dates for your diary!



This is more than just a nice face mask and eating cleaner. Self-care can consist of anything that elevates your mood and makes you a better you. For example, spend less time on social media is a basic goal, and let's be real are we really going to stick to this? Read more books or why not try using social media to educate or elevate your knowledge and skills. Follow people on social who help you learn more about the world. Twitter is great to follow political candidates and keep up with what's going on in the real world.

Listen to podcasts


 Podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge and have a laugh on the go. Have a look at our Top 5 Podcasts to set you off... you're bound to enjoy at least one of them! They're a fun and often educational way to liven up your commutes or in the background whilst you're deep cleaning. 

Don't panic! Give it a go, these New Year resolutions are actually achievable!