Taking Care of Your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Outbreak


E Chau

19 Mar 2020

Some tips on staying positive during this unusual time!

The outbreak of Coronavirus has not only affected the global world but we regret to say many of the events we had scheduled and listed on our site have been postponed or canceled. However in this time of distraught and social distancing its important to do what you can to maintain your wellbeing.

Here's a few things to take care of yourself during these unusual times, we hope you find this useful:

Stay Connected

Be compassionate as you're not alone in how you're feeling. Take advantage of the digital age in which we live and reach out to your friends and family through social media, FaceTime, or a simple phone call. Yes, we are encouraged to self-isolate but do not completely cut yourself off from the world around you! 

Avoid speculation and look up reputable sources on the outbreak

Take everything you hear with a pinch of salt and make rational judgments on the information you read about the virus. Detox from social media if needs be! Some good sources with valid information and updates on the virus are Gov.uk and the NHS. Stay informed and don't make irrational judgments and assumptions based on lay knowledge!

Self Care

Self-care is very subjective. Take time out to do what uplifts your mind body and soul! This may simply be a nice bath or learning a new skill. Whatever it is use this time of social distancing to learn about yourself and take extra care of your wellbeing.

Uni Work

As students, we know how difficult the uni workload can be on top of other commitments. With the Coronavirus outbreak and panic its important to maintain an element of normalcy in your life. While most unis have shifted to online learning others are still sorting out their next steps to deal with the outbreak. Try and figure out a plan of action for your uni work if you can, it can help to maintain a sense of normalcy! If not try and do what you can and utilize the advice your uni has given you. Try not to stress too much, there will be reasonable adjustments put into place.

On a final note, remember this is a difficult situation and the unusual circumstances have left everyone experiencing distress. Everything is up in the air at the moment and we can only look forward to the future where COVID-19 has successfully been dealt with.