The University of Sussex has Created a Hallucination Machine


Rhys Baker

28 Nov 2017

DeepDream will give you a very realistic trip, changing the way you see things.

Scientists have been working on technology that causes hallucinations, with no mind-altering substances needed.

People might still be trying to find a 40-year-old stash of LSD, but a team of researchers from Sussex University have opted for Virtual Reality and Google’s DeepDream system over acid for a 'trip'.

Apparently, 12 volunteers experienced visuals similar to those caused by psilocybin - the ingredient in magic mushrooms - after being shown a panoramic video - altered by Deepdream - of the Sussex Uni campus.

DeepDream is described as a tool that 'uses a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images.'

Researchers said: 'Overall, the Hallucination Machine provides a powerful new tool to complement the resurgence of research into altered states of consciousness.'

Read the full study here.

Via MixMag