New Red Hot Chilli Peppers Music Is Coming

by Oscar La-Gambina, Sep 13, 2018

The old rockers just keep coming back

Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced work on new music is beginning soon, but it might be a while for new material to be released. Their 2016 album The Getaway was just their second album in 10 years, but granted them a headline spot at Reading and Leeds that year.

In case the band name doesn't ring any bells for you (although it's an odd enough name to implant itself in your memory), have a listen to 'Snow (Hey Oh)' and you'll realise how big a part they had in the background of you growing up. Like so many great songs that unfortauntely can never be remembered once discussed, the Chili Peppers are the kings of riffs that send nostalgic shivers down your spine despite it being the first time you've heard it.


They're rumoured to be headlining Glastonbuy next year too, and this new music news will surely make them more likely. Although we're not sure if it's keeping with their targets for the 2019 extravaganza (cc: Stormzy and Noel Gallagher).

Still, new Red Hot Chili Peppers can only be good news for fans of classic rock. We'll hear one song that gets played on national radio before Drake inevitably steals the other nine places in the chart's Top 10.

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