Get To Know: The Roy Stone Foundation

by Aimee Stones, Sep 18, 2017

Supporting the musical talents of young people and identifying the early signs of depression and anxiety.

Nowadays, Nottingham is one of the best places to be for upcoming music. There are so many musicians making a name for themselves and starting out careers in our local pubs and clubs. There are hundreds of new and old venues holding events like open mics and gig nights to attract more customers and spread the love of music around the city. If you want to get noticed, it’s just a matter of looking in the right places.

What is the Roy Stone Foundation?

The Roy Stone Foundation, A Nottingham based charity, was set up in memory of Roy Foster (Roy Stone) a local musician who was very well known in the Notts music scene. Roy was a huge part of many people’s lives, whenever people talk about him it's positive after positive after positive.

Unfortunately, due to his battle with depression, Roy passed away. The foundation wants to raise awareness for mental health since Roy was such a huge part of the local music community. The foundation wants to make a change and show people that mental health isn't a taboo subject and can be talked about and, in doing so, they also support aspiring musicians by giving them great gig opportunities.

This is something Roy would have loved to do! And even though Roy is no longer with us he is still inspiring many young musicians, like myself, to keep the music going today.

Mental Health

Mental health is something people don’t talk about enough. It is actually more common than you think and affects one in four people around the world. One in four. It's something that can really impact someone’s life in a negative way if they don't understand what they're going through or don't get help.

If you ever feel like you might be suffering from mental health issues, ensure to go and see your doctor or even just talk to someone. Getting things off your chest can really help and just know it's ok to be sad or worried.

You're not alone.

More and more people are coming out with their mental health problems recently which is an amazing thing but still, some people feel the need to hide it and suffer in silence.

The foundation is putting together events to show these people that it's okay to have mental health problems. They're not alone and getting help is normal and really effective! Even if you think your problem is small, it still matters.

Student Stress

As a student myself, I know how stressful education can be. Sometimes you don't even realize how much is piling up on you, this is why it is really important to let your tutors know if something is causing you too much anxiety or stress.

If you do suffer from a mental illness or feel yourself struggling at uni, please go see your tutors and let them know how you are feeling. You won't be the first to approach them with something like this and you won't be the last.

The Power of Music

The foundation is also using the power of music to get through to people who suffer and also to get to people who don’t, in order to normalize mental health in the public eye.

It is not something to be ashamed of!

Music is a wonderful thing and touches everyone it comes into contact with. A lot of people, including myself, use music to escape and help them with their problems. When you're sad, music can pick you up and when you're down, music can soothe your pain.

A lot of musicians, including grime champion Stormzy, are telling their own stories of struggles with mental health, giving the issue some much-needed exposure on a global platform. These artists are commercially and critically successful musicians - people who you would never imagine suffering from these issues, which goes to show just how common it can be.

Are you a performer? Want to get involved?

Another great thing about the Roy Stone Foundation is that it's helping the Nottingham music scene grow. People from Nottingham and beyond are getting to discover upcoming musicians from our city. The foundation are even planning to join up with new venues around Nottingham to spread the music and the charity even further!

Are you an aspiring local musician? Well, the foundation is looking for you! Any genre of music is welcome from acoustic to heavy metal, they will find you a spot on the line up.

If you want to get involved with performing for the foundation head on over to their Facebook page and send them a quick message.

I have done a lot of gigs for them myself and I can honestly promise you will love it! 

An Amazing Community

The people who run this foundation are extremely friendly, supportive and full of great ideas to help us young musicians thrive and in the industry. Their events are packed full of amazing talent and entertainment and the community is so warm and welcoming; they'll make you feel like you're part of one big family, whether you are a performer or just someone who regularly likes to attend the events.

The foundation recently held an event every Friday at the Southbank Bar on Friar Lane. The atmosphere was great in there and a lot of acts were showcased.

As I said above the foundation are moving to another great venue very soon, so if you aren't a performer and just like to go out for a social drink and see some outstanding entertainment, head on over to their page and find out where and when their next event is!

Please check out the page to find out more about the foundation from the foundation itself! Give them a like and support a great cause!

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