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MUGSS presents: The Babble of Ruddigore

MUGSS presents: The Babble of Ruddigore

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18:30- 19:45

23 Feb 2021

Age: 18+


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G&S Presents: Lyrics and Text from Ruddigore

Gilbert & Sullivan Society performs a range of quotes, scenes, songs and text from their upcoming March production of Ruddigore. 

MMU Gilbert and Sullivan Society are a society of two halves and welcome anyone and everyone, whether you enjoy singing and acting in our performances of light comic opera on stage, or whether you prefer getting your hands dirty creating the amazing sets and costumes.

 We hold weekly socials as well as fantastic show week events; we're just a group who like laughing, socialising and reviving some of the funniest musical works to come out of late-Victoriana. Come along and see for yourself!

Facebook: MUGSS

Instagram: @mugss_manchester

Twitter: @MUGSS