Yoti presents Sigma: "The Untoutable Tour"

Yoti presents Sigma: "The Untoutable Tour"


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17 Feb 2020- 18 Mar 2020

Age: 18+

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Sigma are taking on the touts with native and Yoti

Tackling the touts

We’re all tired of touts beating us to the best shows and having to spend our hard-earned money on overpriced and potentially counterfeit resale tickets. So, we’re on a mission to make event experiences secure and fairly priced. How? The answer is in technology.

Fans in control

Our nationwide tour, featuring Sigma, uses revolutionary ticketing technology to prove events can be untoutable and puts you, the fans, in control.

London based electronic promoter ByDay ByNight supports SIGMA on the Untoutable tour across the UK, showcasing their residents and special guests along the way.


Sigma’s knack for turning soaring strings and heavy breakbeats into blow-your-speakers anthems shows why they headline international festival stages, boast 3 million singles sales and 2 Brit nominations.


Yoti puts your ID on your phone and helps you prove your age in convenience stores, catch a catfish online and more. Native and Yoti’s revolutionary ticketing system tackles the touts and you can be one of the first to try it. 

When purchasing your ticket using Yoti, your photo and name are embedded within the QR code on the ticket. 

The QR code is scanned on entry to securely share your ticket and ID in one. This means the ticket is yours and yours only.